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SWATCH Outrage

Dear friends,

Swatch did not understand at all. I found this text on their web site:

> Our idea came out of a very democratic intent: to open up the possibility
to send messages
> into space to as many people as possible. The only way to achieve this
goal was to use as
> many media as available, with the purpose of not excluding anybody. 

>  We feel that providing everybody with a microphone for the world and the
universe and
>  exercising the freedom to transmit messages, in addition to being a duty
towards those
>  who have believed in us and in our scheme, is positive for that which is
freedom of
>  expression. 

>  As always there has never been a better cause than the fight to gain any
kind of freedom. 

So, in the opinion of Swatch, everybody has to be allowed to use the
frequencies of the Amateur Radio Service, and it is not acceptable for
Swatch that these frequencies are reserved for Radio Amateurs only. I. e.
they consider our international radio regulations as "undemocratic" and
directed against "freedom of expression".

May I kindly propose that those who think the Swatch satellite is a chance
for Amateur Radio reconsider their attitude?

73 de Norbert, DF5DP
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