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[Fwd: Ham Radio Online Update - "SWATCH, Version 2.0"]

Ham Radio Online wrote:

> Ham Radio Online - http://hamradio-online.com
> The story concerning SWATCH's use of an Amateur satellite continues to
> evolve rapidly. When I last checked, SWATCH had modified their web site
> (several times, actually) to attempt to explain what they are doing and
> now specifically note that they are using an Amateur Radio spacecraft. In
> "version 1.0", SWATCH referred to "their Beatnik" satellite and made no
> mention of Amateur Radio.
> The entire situation raises troubling issues; these are described in
> detail in a "Beatnik 1.0 and 2.0, Opinion Column" that I have added to
> http://hamradio-online.com.
> I'm giving SWATCH the benefit of the doubt and am assuming that an
> ignorant marketing person entered into a good faith plan to transmit
> messages from space, unaware of the technical and regulatory issues
> involved. At this time, as SWATCH rapidly evolves the marketing campaign,
> they are attempting to put a positive "spin" on the situation, trying to
> make the best of a bad public relations situation.
> I will do my best to keep up-to-date stories on this issue at the
> http://hamradio-online.com web site. The story is continuing to evolve
> rapidly.
> Ed Mitchell, KF7VY
> publisher, http://hamradio-online.com
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