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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!

Mike, I've been looking at your message for two days considering answering
you but not doing so.  Your comments regarding PBS and NPR are good and I
am in full agreement.  I volunteer technical assistance to both here.

You remember taking me to full task for using language you did not approve
of some time back.  I explained my comments were being assumed by students
not in agreement with me.  I think this fell on deaf ears but you might
correct me on this.  We are not the radical right or conservative!!

Therefore, I totally disagree with any form of association with SWATCH
or even that approach to ham radio.  We do not need them, they do not
need us and no association whatever will do ham radio any good.  I use the
example of how easy it is for some students to assume my identity as an
example.  Why should we allow ANY aggressive manufacturer even the
slightest entry into ham radio?  When they sell a thousand watches,
e-mail address, condoms or whatever, what does ham radio retain???

You are most prolific on AMSAT-BB.  I think you are wrong here. Cliff K7RR

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