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Links on the SWATCH issue

Dear friends.

I found some links regarding the SWATCH "Beatnik" satellite issue. Here
they are FYI:

This is a good article on the question why the satellite will violate the
Radio Regulations (you should not miss this one!)


This is a key page of the protest of ham operators against the Swatch
project with many related links:


Here is recent story on the issue:


And this is the Swatch web site with comments (be prepared to find hundreds
of protest mails keeping your browser busy!):


Finally I'd like to add a personal comment:

If you check the Swatch Beatnik page:


you can see, that the Amateur Radio Service, Ham Radio, or Radio Amateurs
are not even mentioned there. They talk about
"Radio Rads" and "Radio Freaks". This is a clear proof to me, that it is
not appropriate to expect any Ham Radio or Amateur Radio publicity from
this project. Swatch doesn't even know the right designation of Amateur
Radio. Beatnik will do public relations and "sponsering" for the Swatch
product "Beat" only, not for Amateur Radio, that's for shure.

A company sponsering a satellite is one thing, which possibly could be
considered legal and OK. But radio transmissions on Amateur Radio bands is
a different thing, because there are clear international rules to obey (see
the first link I mentioned above). The most important rule says: Amateur
Radio has to be induced by personal aim and without pecuniary interest. I
do not think, that Swatch will be interested to sponsor a satellite, which
will NOT transmit any messages related to Swatch's (pecuniary) business.
The Swatch project is without personal aim and with pecuniary interest, and
they will keep it this way.

73 de Norbert, DF5DP
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