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Re: S-Band signals.

At 12:39 PM 4/6/1999 -0700, Peter Rogers wrote:
>	Hi out there, I have put my dish up and the SSB downconverter, now I need
>to check 
>if it works, I listened for AO-16 and heard nothing, good pass,1911-1926
>UTC, 6 april
> 62 deg el, is it operating, the ANS said operating normally, did they mean
>all of it??

AO-16 does not normally transmit on S-band. I don't know when the last time
was that it was active.  As I recall it tends to throw the power equation
into negative balance. 

>	Maybe I was listening in the wrong place, am I right in assuming that
>2401.1428 would
>translate to 145.1428?? plus or minus doppler, going to listen for UO-11
>this afternoon on the
>2257-2304 pass with 76 deg el, so 2401.500 should be 145.500 ?? right ??

Yep, that's the correct spot with an SSB downconverter, +/- a very large
doppler shift.  The signal is not strong, but it's there and doppler
shifting like crazy.
Good luck, if you can hear it, you've got a good setup.

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