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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!

At 05:56 PM 4/5/99 -0400, Tim wrote:
>AMSAT and the AMSAT logo are registered trademarks of the Radio Amateur 
>Satellite Corporation. Which makes me wonder, is AMSAT a non-profit organization? 

Yes it is.  Having trademarks doesn't have anything to do
with being non-profit or not.

>The  ARRL is a publishing company, they are not non-profit, 

Yes, they are.  See the masthead on page 8 of any issue of QST.

Both organizations are also exempt under 501(c)(3), which
means that donations are probable tax-deductible in the US.
This is what most people here probably really mean when
they say "non-profit". 

None of which has anything to do with the question.
Non-profit organizations don't get any special privileges
on the amateur radio bands.

73  -Paul
As usual, speaking for myself only.

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