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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!


G&N wrote:

> Tim wrote:
> >
> > I must admit fellas, I think some of the posters here are really over
> > reacting,
> > "this one has to be stopped"? This one WHAT? The messages being solicited
> > make no mention of Swatch, only that the word 'beat' must be included. So a
> > .wav file is transmitted that says " My heart beats for for my girlfriend
> > Pam" what is so wrong with this, as long as the station identifies with an
> > amateur callsign why is this so bad?
> The subtility is that BEAT is now a registered trade mark of SWATCH.
> And wahever you might say won't change that : 'internet beat time' is
> commercial.

AMSAT and the AMSAT logo are registered trademarks of the Radio Amateur Satellite
Corporation. Which makes me wonder, is AMSAT a non-profit organization? The ARRL
is a publishing company, they are not non-profit, and yet at the beginning of
each bulletin you hear "From ARRL Headquarters" this is not an advertisment for
the ARRL? Why is it so different for the Swatch Company? Because they didn't get
the official "O.K" from someone at AMSAT? I support AMSAT, well o.k I throw a fin
into the fishbowl at Dayton each year but that's another story. I just didn't
care for the way it was handled, all I saw from AMSAT-F was boycott Swatch, don't
publish keps, blah blah blah. I'd have a different attitude if they published a
letter written to Swatch explaining thier position, the sensitive nature of the
transmissions with the amateur community and a possible solution to make everyone

Tim ka8ddz

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