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Re: Nationwide Houston AMSAT/APRS net idea?

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999 19:52:52 -0400 (EDT) Bob Bruninga
<bruninga@nadn.navy.mil> writes:
>The Houston AMSAT net is carried live once a week via C band satellite 
>2 meter re-broadcast stations nationwide.  There is no reason why this
>cannot be  a two-way affair!
>SUGGESTION:  Since anyone anywhere within the APRS infrastructure can 
>a message anywhere in the world on 144.39, all it takes is for the 
>Net Control station in Houston to tune his radio to 144.39 and run 
>Then, everyone in the country that is listening to the Net via their 
>re-transmission station can check-in to NET control from their APRS
>station anywhere.
>Sound like magic?  It is.  Every packet transmitted anywhere in the
>counrty (of APRS) that is heard on 144.39 is routed by Steve Dimse's
>APRServe internet system to every other IGate everywhere.  THese 
>watch for messages to/from locals and glue it all together transparent 
>the end user.  80% of amateurs nationwide are within the APRS
>infrastructure (see http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/digis.html)
>To make it even more cozy, everyone participating in the AMSAT net can 
>their APRS ALTNET callsign to AMSAT for example.  THen the only 
>they will see on their maps are other AMSAT stations.  This will 
>map clutter from hundreds down to only those involved in the net.  
>NET CONTROL in Houston can "SEE" everyone he is talking to!
>Might not be appropriate for every net, but it is always nice to have 
>back channel for comments and to see who is listening!
>DETAILS:  Although anyone anywhere (within the APRS infrrastructure) 
>participate on 144.39,  THey will only see other locals and only other
>stations that have sent a message to them (such as net control).  THis 
>because 1200 baud on 144.39 cannot possible cross connect every one of 
>thousands of APRS users live.  The IGATES only cross link directed
>messages and position reports for stations involved in a dialog.
>Thus, the NET control in Houston, should actually run either 
>or APRS+SA and log onto APRServe so that he can see everyone live.
>1)  Netcontrol should set his APRS AUTO-REPLY message to something 
>    "QSL your checkin".
>2)  Netcontrol should announce his APRS station callsign on the net 
>    ask for checkins from everywhere.
>3)  Stations anywhere should send a BRIEF message to that callsign 
>such as
>    "Checkin, Bob in Atlanta"
>    "Checkin, Sam in Norfolk, with a Query"
>    "Checkin, Steven in Miami with a comment"
>4)  As we get better at it, then everyone can set their ALTNET to 
>and then it will be more cozy as all the other hundreds of stations
>natiowide on APRS will be filtered out and only the AMSAT checkins 
>show on the Netcontrols's APRS map.
>5)  And FINALLY, once #4 is done, then the NETCONTROL map will ONLY 
>the AMSAT stations and this will make a nice APRS Map display for the 
>camera...  OOPS, forgot that this is audio only... shucks)...  But it 
>TRIVIAL to use Steve Dimse's JavAPRS to set up a live WEB page showing 
>live map display.
>SO....  Hows that for the perfect marriage of Ham Radio, Satellites 
>the internet!
>de WB4APR, Bob
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Sounds like a great menage a trois !

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