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AMSAT & Swatch

I forward the letter of the president AMSAT-R on a question known 
for you.

73 de Karen, ra3apw


Dear AMSAT colleagues,

I was very disappoint to receive message from Bernard Pidoux, f6bvp,
president of AMSAT France. 

I want to explain the situation on this matter.

Everything what happened does not have any relation to AMSAT-R. All 
discussion with Swatch Company in Switzerland was made by Space Flight
Control Center (SCSC), Vladimir Solovyev and Serge Samburov singed all
documents.  They do not inform AMSAT-R that they going to sign this 
contract under the name of AMSAT-R. Everything was made behind AMSAT-R
and I have got this information from only f6bvp message.  More than 
this - only three persons of AMSAT-R have right to sign this type of
documents - president and two vice presidents.

RA3APR, Eugene Labutin - president of AMSAT-R
RU3AIZ, Alex Matvietz - vice president of AMSAT-R
RA3APW, Karen Tadewosyan - vice president of AMSAT-R

Nobody of these persons was even informed that this contract was signed.

AMSAT-R very sorry for this bad situation, and very sorry that some 
people using AMSAT-R name in their commercial project. 

AMSAT-R apologizes for any trouble witch was brought to amateur 
satellite community and hope that amateurs in the entire world will
understand this situation and separate AMSAT-R and SCSC. AMSAT-R will
stop any attempt from SCSC to use AMSAT-R in commercial projects.

Best Regards
Eugene Labutin, RA3APR.
President of AMSAT-R

Karen Tadewosyan                         Tel: +7 (095) 956-13-94
Chief of technical department            Fax: +7 (095) 956-15-21
Compas+Radio                             Email: ra3apw@ampr.demos.su
Moscow                                   http://www.compas-r.ru
Russia                                   http://ra3apw.demos.su 
                                         ICQ: 4752559

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