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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!


As a matter of fact, I have been a large fan of both public radio and
public television.  You will notice that this partnership has increased
the caliber of both entities over the years.  What were once basement
and local productions have evolved into some of the best, if not the
best programming available on the airwaves.  What is the tradeoff?  At
the top of the hour, the underwriting entity (read commercial concern)
is allowed a few seconds to "advertise."  

Now we have a fairly benevolent corporation, willing to underwrite an
amateur satellite.  The caveat?  The word "beat" will be included in
some cosmic chatter from some real kids, real citizens.  Harmless, and

The unit is based on the same bus as the previous mini-sputniks.  The
voice controller contains static chips.  The messages will NOT be
dynamically altered every 24 hours as your web site seemed to report. 
Once the messages are burned into the chips, although capable of being
"cycled," are static.  New "commercials" will NOT be uploaded to the

Scanning my prediction sheet for the next pass of a usable bird, I have
some time to pen this missive.  I see a constellation of aging birds,
with some literally ready to fall from the sky.  I for one would welcome
a symbiotic relationship with commercial concerns if it meant putting
MORE amateur technology into space.  It would have to be done
tastefully, carefully, and with approval of the ITU.  

Bullying tactics will only serve to alienate any commercial concerns who
have ever toyed with the idea of partnering with the amateur community. 
Let's take a tempered approach in dealing with this issue, and welcome
dialogue from the private sector.  Metered, sensible dialogue may well
pave the way for an entire constellation of amateur satellites,
underwritten by corporations, whose PRIMARY mission is an amateur

Knee jerk responses will only sully our reputations further.  Open minds
will usher the amateur space program into the 21st century.

73, Mike in Fort Myers

Rob Carlson wrote:
> In my opinion, it's a slippery slope when we as amateurs start to be
> underwritten by corporations.  It's only a matter of time before the good
> faith becomes a contract, and the contract becomes an obligation. Listened
> to National Public Radio lately?  What started out years ago as very
> tasteful brief mentions of corporations and grants used to support the
> show has expanded into what amounts to 45 or 60 second advertisements for
> those companies, replete with contact numbers, web pages, slogans and God
> knows what else.  I have visions of the same thing happening to amateur
> radio, if the bands aren't just out and out stolen first.
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