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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!

Woah, wait a minute!  I've looked at the web site. I've thought about
the prospects.  At best, I can see how you might find it distasteful,
from a satellite op/ham operator point of view.  However, I see nothing
illegal, or for that matter wrong with Swatch sponsoring a satellite.

Think about how much GOOD could come from such an alliance.  As long as
the rules are followed, I see nothing wrong with commercial money
helping to sponsor amateur satellite projects.  If Boeing hoists an
amateur satellite into orbit, will you boycott them?

Think through this now.  How bad could the messages really be?  "Launch
a satellite, and the entire world will beat a swatch to your door." 
>From what I've read, the only qualifier they have for their messages is
it has to have the word "beat" in the message.  So?  If I'm talking on
FO-20, and I use the word Motorola, am I guilty of breaking the rules? 
I don't think so.  I don't think the word "beat" is even a Swatch

If this process helps introduce young people to the ranks of amateur
radio, and amateur satellites, how can you NOT be in favor?  Think of
the potential.  Here is a large multinational company putting out the
word, telling the world to seek out radio operators to listen to a
message from space!  Use the opportunity to take your HT to the mall and
gather a small crowd of young people to listen to a signal from space. 
They'll probably already know about it, and will be thrilled by the

The last time FO-29 was in digitalker mode, I introduced several people
to the thrill of receiving a signal from space on their own radio.  Two
are now users of AO-27.  After posting a FAQ on this server explaining
how to work the digitalker, I received dozens of emails from all over
the world.  Many were grateful to be handed the tools to have their own
space experience.  "Easy" experiences like these have a positive impact
on our hobby.

Sometimes we ham operators get up in arms over the silliest things.  If
you send more hate mail to Swatch for the world to see, I guarantee you
it will be we satellite operators wearing the black eye.  Send letters
of encouragement, and reassert our ranks as the innovators we are. 
Peaceful, kind, supportive words will win more of our sophisticated
youth over to our ranks.  

My mother used to tell me you catch more flies with honey than you do
with vinegar.  Please temper your responses and not make fools of the
amateur satellite community.

73, Mike in Fort Myers

Andrew Reynolds wrote:
>  While I've read the different arguement in favor of inviting commercial
> sponsorship or hamsats, I think that you're right, and this one has to
> be stopped. I would, however, argue that the most effective step would
> be the most direct: file a formal complaint about this illegal operation
> with the ITU via the FCC. 
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