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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!

 While I've read the different arguement in favor of inviting commercial
sponsorship or hamsats, I think that you're right, and this one has to
be stopped. I would, however, argue that the most effective step would
be the most direct: file a formal complaint about this illegal operation
with the ITU via the FCC. They might not be able to fine Swatch, or the
Russian space concern that is helping them, but they *can* put the heat
to their respective governments, and they sure can make them pay
attention. A boycott of Swatch products would be a non-event if it is
only hams (remember, there just ain't that many of us), and writing
them nastigrams is something that they're probably going to just ignore.
Smack'em across the face with a government enquiry and they're gonna
wonder what hit them.
 Anyone who knows any members of Congress, this might also be something
to get hold of them about too. FCC might pay attention if enough of us
start to howl, but they will most definately listen if Congress shows
any serious interest.
 Just my thoughts..........

Andy Reynolds

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