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Re: Swatch sponsorship all bad?

I would like to add to Paul's very well written missive.  These are my
personal opinions and not those of AMSAT or TAPR.

Judging from the postings made on the Swatch Beatnik web site, Amateur
Radio operators are going to cause more harm than good to the Amateur
Service.  Instead of informing Swatch as to what the International rules
are, Hams are blasting with profanity.  Now, what are young people all over
the world going to think about this hobby we call Amateur Radio?

How do you know that Swatch doesn't know what the International Rules are?
There is nothing on the Beatnik web site that portains to the spacecraft
transmitting any commercial.  Yes, it is a commercial company collecting
voice recordings to transmit.  And how is this different than a non-company
collecting recordings from school children?  The spacecraft is legal as
long as it is "...with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest. (RR

This satellite, if done properly and with assistance of the Amateur
Satellite community, can be a BIG boost to Amateur Radio all around the
world.  If you want to blast Swatch with profanity then you are lowering
the Amateur Service to the lowest depths from which we will never recover.

If you choose to post a message to Swatch, then it should be of a
supportive nature with the caveat that the company comply with
International Rules and Regulations.  And that we'd be gald to help make
the satellite a success to introduce young people around the world to
Amateur Radio.

Get back to your roots guys and gals.  What got you interested in Ham
Radio?  The times are different.  How do you think youngsters can be
interested in Ham Radio today?  This is a great opportunity, if done right!


- Steve, N7HPR

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