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>Most of the Iridium watching is the "Flares" the Iridium birds have a very
reflective surface that at times will glint with small areas on the Earth
producing a VERY bright "Flare" in the sky (sometimes visible during the

I have had the pleasure of seeing one of these Flares the other week while
on a trip to the St. Petersburg Junior College planetarium. The free Friday
evening show was cut short, so we all could go to the roof of the Natural
Science Building to observe the flash. I have had many sighting of the Mir,
ISS and the Hubble Space telescope, but this flare was the most awesome
thing to date. It only lasted a few seconds, maybe 10, but was very bright.
It kind of reminded of the failed Russian attemp to reflect the sun back to
earth, using one of the MIR supply ships to deploy a large mirror.

Now the professor that runs the planetarium, told me that he pick up the
information as to when and where to look for this, from a Web site. I have
searched but to date have not had any luck locating the page. Anyone know
the address for this site?? Keith N4Zq

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