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Re: GPS suppression

> >This military official probably meant to say that the Air Force Space
> >Command would now begin to institute "Selective Availability" and "Anti-
> >Spoofing". What this means to the civilian GPS user is that the accuracy of
> >your hanheld will be reduced from RMS accuracy (about 15 meters) to 100
> >meters. This is unless you use Differential GPS (DGPS). The signal is not
> >continuously degraded but "selectively" degraded.
> This has already been in effect for years. I think the article was an
> April Fools.
> If GPS is ever turned off entirely for civilians, a *lot* more stuff
> will break than just your handheld receivers.

I'm a bit confused by this whole discussion.  I thought that 
what was being suppressed was the orbital elements not the 
use of GPS, or did I miss something.  I mean the discussion 
seemed to jump from talking about not being able to find 
orbital elements and then jumped into assuming that we 
couldn't use GPS anymore?  I know there was one sentence 
about not broadcasting "elements" via GPS, but I assumed 
that had nothing to do with the functionality of the GPS.
I agree with the comments that SA has been on for years 

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