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Re: GPS suppression

-- [ From: Don DeJarnette - Simplecom * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

This military official probably meant to say that the Air Force Space
Command would now begin to institute "Selective Availability" and "Anti-
Spoofing". What this means to the civilian GPS user is that the accuracy of
your hanheld will be reduced from RMS accuracy (about 15 meters) to 100
meters. This is unless you use Differential GPS (DGPS). The signal is not
continuously degraded but "selectively" degraded.

73 de Don KC4YRT
GPersons wrote:
> <<<<<A US Military official notified the media on Thursday, April 1, that
> effective immediately, all GPS orbital elements would no longer be made
> public. GPS satellites would no longer transmit this information since
> possible enemies would then know where the military satellite is. The
> official regretted the inconvenience of GPS receivers now not functioning,
> but said it was necessary.>>>>>
> So does this mean the all civilian GPS are now no longer usable?
> Gary

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