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Re: RS-13

On Thursday, 01 April 1999, John Fisher wrote:

> RS-13--Date 4/1/99  Time 0810-0822 EDT..1310-1322 UTC..Orbit 40888...Pass
> NE to SE east of NYC...Up 145.980..Dwn 29.480 +/- doppler,...Calling CQ..No
> takers..then listened from 29.460 - 29.500..No Signals...Beacon 29.5043 at
> times S5 good signal...We'll keep trying....C U L 73 JOHN K2JF
> 73,

Have you tried any of the later passes John (other than that early 8 AM
EDT pass)?  Just curious if your results could be different on one of
the later passes.  I worked N3AAS today via RS-13 (Mode "A") on both CW
& SSB at 1457z and 1501z respectively.  Heard other signals too. 
Perhaps you're restricted to the earlier passes there due to work

BTW, I'm hearing the beacon here in the area of 29.458 MHZ +/- doppler
(some 42 KHz lower in frequency than where you're hearing it).  I cannot
account for this obvious discrepancy.

Good luck.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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