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Content of Space news bulletin 29 Mar 99


In a former press release #99-03, AMSAT-France informed the amateur
community that it had delivered a radio and electronic modules
(including a microcontroler 8031 CPU) to Spaceflight Control Center in
Moscow for a new AMSAT-Russia satellite.
However SCSC told AMSAT France that this satellite was not an RS project
and that they did not want to give him the name RS-19. SCSC had the
responsability of recording the voice messages and of integrating the
french modules into the satellite.

AMSAT France was involved into this project for technical assistance and
has no more information about its development.

73's de Bernard, f6bvp

President AMSAT France
Homepage http://www.ccr.jussieu.fr/physio/f6bvp/
tel +33(0)147 540 408 - fax +33(0)142 274 462

>* SpaceNews 29-Mar-99 *
>BID: $SPC0329
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>        SpaceNews
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> MONDAY MARCH 29, 1999
>Miles Mann, WF1F, reports that a new mini-Sputnik satellite called RS-19
>is on its way to Mir with the next Progress launch currently scheduled
>for April 2, 1999.  No word as to the date the satellite will be hand
>launched from Mir is known at this time.
>The latest mini-Sputnik will transmit stored voice messages in many
>different languages on a frequency of 145.815 MHz (+/- Doppler)
>with 200 milliwatts of power.  Up to ten messages will be transmitted
>by the tiny, battery powered satellite.  Each message will be 7 seconds
>long and include a 7 second pause.  There is the ability to change the
>message every 24 hours.
>More information on this project is available on AMSAT-France's Web
>page at:
> http://www.ccr.jussieu.fr/physio/f6bvp/
>[Info via Miles Mann, WF1F]

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