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Re: RS 12/13 Orbit 40847

On Monday, 29 March 1999, K2JF wrote:

> RS 12/13  Date 3/29/99 Orbit 40847  Direction NNW to SSE. Time 0830 - 0843
> EST, 1330-1343 UTC.  Up 145.980..Dwn 29.480   CW

Hi John.  Most of the CW stations I've worked on RS-13 lately have been
in the 10 KHz range of 29460 to 29470.  That's not to say that CW
signals can't be found on other freqs but this seems to be where the
majority of them are found (at least here at my QTH).  I worked KE4UMW
today on CW (1516z) and he too was in the above mentioned range.

> Up 145.997..Dwn 29.497   SSB     +/ doppler

I also worked W8TRX today on SSB at 1525z.  My frequencies at that time
were 145.984 up and 29.479 MHz down (approximate).  Reports were 5/5
both ways.  The bird was due west of my QTH at an elevation of 67
degrees and many signals were heard on both modes.

> Called CQ both CW and SSB  No takers....Will try again..

Not sure why you're not hearing many signals especially if you're
hearing your downlink OK.  Perhaps everyone was still in bed at 1330z. 
:-)  I thought the bird was fairly loaded today on the later pass.  Good
luck John and I hope to work you soon on RS-12/13.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*  (EM98)
AMSAT # 32574

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