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Re: HP Calculator Track?

At 09:47 PM 3/28/99 -0800, Christopher Maness wrote:
>I'm having trouble uploading kep files from my computer to my HP-48GX 
>calculator.  I convert the keps with the program that came with the 
>hpsat tracker.  I guess my calculator is rejecting some of the keps.  It 
>does not take keps from ao-10,fo-20,and 29.  This seems very strange to 

Those three satellites have significantly eccentric orbits, unlike
most of the other satellites in the amateur fleet.

Based on that observation, I looked at the conversion program
AUTO.C (in the archive on ftp.amsat.org), and found that there's
a bug handling eccentricities larger than 0.0032767 (when
compiled on a computer with 16-bit integers, such as a DOS PC).

Note that the calculator will not catch this error every time.
Approximately 50% of the time, the elements loaded will be
wrong and you won't know it!

> Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can edit the converted files by hand to correct the eccentricity,
until there's a corrected version of AUTO.EXE available.  I can
provide an update if the author is no longer interested in doing so.

73  -Paul

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