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[Fwd: New Launch]

For those of you who may be interested.
A.N. Hardy - wb2gzm/vk3jjh

New Launch:  28 March 1999  0130 GMT

Site:  Pacific Ocean (near equator)

Launcher:  SL-16 

International Number(s):  1999-014A (Probably)

 SSC      Name

25661?   DEMOSAT      [Owner = USA ?]


First launch by the Zenit 3SL from the Sea Launch Consortium
Pacific Ocean Launch Platform.  NASA did not have the Elsets
or any other data.  US Space Command has been restricting the
release of GPS and DMSP material for 'security' reasons because
of the attacks on Yugoslavia.  The lack of data on this launch, 
at this time, is probably due to USSC work in other areas taking

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