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Re: SEA Launch

The US Naval Academy and Weber State had a joint AMATEUR Satellite
scheduled to go on this launch.  It was to be a worldwide APRS relay
satellite for allowing APRS position and messaging from mobiles outside of
the usual APRS terrestrial infrastructures.  The downlink would feed the
worldwide internet linked APRS system so that anyone with a browser could
track and communicate with these mobiles.

The satellite was bumped 1 week prior to launcher integration by the State
Department who claimed that Boeing would have to re-write and re-submit
their Technology Export License due to the addition of our payload.  With
hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, the risk by Boeing, of
re-submitting their paper work for our $900 payload to an understaffed,
overworked bureaucracy was clearly not a risk worth taking.

Yes, you bet, there was an AMATEUR SATELLITE planned....

de WB4APR, Bob

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Andrew Reynolds wrote:

> > That is the point from which the Sea Launch joint venture plans to propel
> > a three-stage, Russian- and Ukrainian-built Zenit 3SL rocket into space. On
> > board will be a 10,000-pound "dummy" payload...
> > 
> >     Was Boeing approached/asked if we could tag along onboard?
> >     Or perhaps another, lesser-valued amateur satellite...

> considered to be a "foreign" launcher, due to the launch hardware
> coming from Russia and the Ukraine, plus it's being launched in
> international waters. Therefore, it falls under the laws governing
> satellite exports...

>  The State Department has the final say...

And they said NO!

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