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Information Needed - Hughes AML SSTX 145 Microwave Transmitter

Hi All:

I am buying a Hughes AML SSTX 145 "Solid State" microwave transmitter.  Has
anyone converted one of these units for 10 GHz.?

These units are used for AML (AM Linear) in cable TV.  They are 12.7 to 13.2 GHz
VSB (AM) and are used as a "link" between Cable TV head ends. The input range is
54 to 550 MHz (approx).

I have not picked the unit up yet, but  I popped the top cover on one of the
units a few weeks ago.  All waveguide is 4-hole WR-75 flanges.  The LO is a
Freq. West" Phase Locked source with a WR-75 output.  It is loaded with
circulators, isolators, 2 large multi-stage filters, the LO, an LNA (that is
probably used as a driver amp for the solid state PA).  I do not know how much
the amp puts out, but it looks like it could handle at least 5 watts.  It looks
like it should be very simple to convert these units to a 10 GHz. transverter
with an IF of 144, 432, or 1296 MHz.

These units are only about 8" high, maybe 16" deep and 19" wide and is only 3 to
5 years old

There is also an older unit that use a  Klystron PA.  They are Hughes AML STX
141's.   Does anyone have any info on this equipment?  I have been unable to
find product info on the Hughes web site.



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