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TNC settings for WISP on UO-22 & KO-25

I have been trying to upload a short test msg to UO-22 and KO-25 with no luck.  I use to work the dig sat back in 1993 with out any problems using a DSP-12, 736R, mast mount preamps, M2 antennas and PB, PG.  I am now trying to get back on the birds using the new WISP program with a FT-847, Long KLM's and mast mount preamp.  I have strong down link signals and running 50 watts. 
Most of the time I can upload 3/4 of a msg and some times all of it but I can not get the final hand shake.  I have tried different TNC settings without much change.
If you are using a DSP-12 and running WISP please send me your WISP TNC settings and the uplink Frq. that you are using on UO-22 and KO-25.  Also if you have any recommendations on how to solve my problem, it would be appreciated.