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UK - International Space School: Special Event Station

To all Amateur  Radio Operators Worldwide

Location:     Stanwell Comprehensive School,Penarth, nr Cardiff, South Wales - UK.

To mark the occassion of the official opening of a major extension to the school and
the establishment of an " International Space School ".
A Radio Amateur " Special Event Station" will be operated from the school by members
of Barry Amateur Radio Club , South Wales using the call sign  ' GB0SS ' ( Golf Bravo
Zero Sugar Sugar).

The official opening will take place on Wednesday 31st March 1999 and it will be     
attended by representatives of both the United States and Russian space departments.

George Abbey, Director of Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Pilot Cosmonaut General
Yuri Glazkove ( Director of Cosmonaut Training Centre, Star City, and also the US
astronaut Dr.Bonnie Dunbar will attend the opening.
A video link - up between the school and the Johnson Space Centre also forms part
of the agenda, the Welsh Canadian astronaut Dr. Dafydd Rhys - Williams will be on
line at the Houston end of the link.

The event, which will be attended by teachers from schools in the UK will also form
a three day teachers conference,including presentations and discussions on how modern 
technology,which includeds amateur radio and satellites, can play a major role for 
communication and education at schools.    

The Amateur Radio " special event station "  GB0SS, will be operated from approx.
1200hrs Zulu on Monday 29th March until Thursday afternoon 1st April 1st 1999.

The hours of operation have been restricted to the normal school attendance period,
however if a significant satellite pass occurs the operation may be extended.

Operation of the station will be via all of the normal licensed amateur bands on 
HF, VHF and UHF. via ground link or available satellite passes.

As this is a significant event, with both the press and many teachers and VIP's in
attendance,it is also an opportunity to demonstrate and promote a revival and perhaps
a future for both amateur radio and the use of satllites. 

As the future is for an " International School " it hoped to achieve as many links
as possible throughout the world , a location at another school would be even more

Your support in making contacting with the station whether by satellite or via 
the normal ground paths will be very much appreciated by all.

The station was hoping to make a link -up with the crew on board Mir, however the
predicted pass times are outside the operating hours.
If any member is in contact or can forward this message to their mail box it would 
be appreciated.  Perhaps they could send a message of best wishes to the school via
packet or broadcast for recording.

Thanks to all and Best wishes

Ken Eaton
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