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AEA and TPK/ Winpack.

	Well this is really not Sat related, although I want to use my DSP 2232
for Sats and everything else I can, including VHF Packet.

	It seems that AEA and myself don't get along, if I use my KAM Allmode or a
MFJ 1274 TNC I have no problems in getting TPK or Winpack to do an "Auto"
download, or "Auto" attend to messages, bulletins.

	When I used my PK-88 and now my DSP 2232 I cannot get the "Auto" to work,
it doesn't matter which computer I use, either the Pentium or the Commodore
286 Laptop, the results are the same, as soon as I put an AEA on either
computer the "Auto" stops.

	I have used config sets used by other hams successfully to no avail, I
have noticed the when I connect to my BBS, and the prompt is on the screen,
with the KAM TPK and Winpack puts another line on the screen ie:-
[TPK-1.83c-$] and [Winpack-6.40-$] but the AEA doesn't and will not put the
bulletins on the HDD.

	What am I missing?? I really do not want to run a separate TNC for VHF
when the DSP 2232 should do it all, the DSP has a DB 9 connection and the
laptop has the same, the connections are all 9 pin, the DSP does do VHF
packet OK manually, HF seems OK, RTTY so far, I haven't yet tried Amtor or
Pactor but that's next, then the Sats.

Thanks es 73 Peter.  VE7AHX.

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