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Re: I heard FO-29!

At 06:57 PM 3/25/99 +0000, Daniel Lavoie wrote:
>I just heard FO-29 satellite at 18:48 UTC on 435.91 Mhz, with an FT-470 and
>a rubber ducky.  Was the Digitalker message a short bird song followed by
>"This is Dove 2" ?

Unless they've changed the recording, it was saying
"This is JAS-2".  JAS-2 is the primary name used for FO-29
by JARL. (FO-12 was JAS-1, FO-20 was JAS-1b)

You can hear my RealAudio recording of this digitalker message
at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/this-is-JAS-2.ra
(or via the "Older Features" link on the AMSAT-NA home page).

73  -Paul

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