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ao-27 in utc

Nova can give the utc times of transponder on and off using its eclipse

As explained before TEPR 4 is 24x30 sec = 12 minutes. The transponder will
come on 12 minutes after ao-27 enters the sun.

And TEPR 5 = 60x30 sec = 30 minutes. The transponder will turn off 30
minutes after it enters sun, or (30 - 12) = 18 min after it turns on.

An example from Nova.  25March1999 eclipse ends at 19:56:26 utc
                       Transponder  on at 19:56:26 + 12m = 20:08:26 utc
                       Transponder off at 20:08:26 + 18m = 20:26:26 utc.

Of course this pass may or may not be above the horizon for your QTH.

73, ron w8gus.
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