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Re: AW: What is TEPR?

On 24 Mar 1999, John Mock wrote:

> I've been wondering about how to convert this for a long while from relative
> times into actual times:

> 			TEPR 4 is 24 off for 24 x 30 sec after entering
>     the sun
> 			TEPR 5 is 60 on after TEPR5 till 60 x 30 sec
>     after entering the sun
> This is all fine and interesting, but how does one turn this into UTC for
> a given pass?  To be more specific, any idea how to find out from UNIX/LINUX
> SatTrack when AO-27 leaves eclipes?  If this is not be provided by the user
> interface, please be specific about what routines to call to calculate this.
> If someone provides this information, i may be able to maintain a WWW page
> listing TEPR times for California and some selected 'East Coast' city [as
> i do already for AOS/MEL/LOS over the SF Bay Area].  And i'll also consider
> requests in Europe or Asia as well.

Note when the coverage circle of the satellite intersects the day/night
line - that's the moment when eclipse ends.  STS Plus displays the times
until eclipse end (SUN "AOS") and until station AOS, so you could use

I'm not aware of any software that performs an actual time on/off
calculation displayed in absolute UTC.

73  Steve KA1LM@amsat.org

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