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Re: Single chip 2.4 G transceiver info

There's are a number of these things, from different manufacturers.  One
that's been around for a long time:

    Harris HFA3624

    A transverter on a chip for 2.4 GHz. Chip set includes low-noise pre-amp,
    1/4 W power amplifier, and dual frequency VFO for both transverter and
    IF. You may be able to use either 2 meters or 220 transceivers with
    this.  (Even if 2.4 GHz becomes like 900 MHz, we'll probably keep the
    satellite sub-band mostly intact.)

There's another one (i forget where - i have it in a paper file), which can
be a AM/SSB/CW receiver on a chip, as well.  Of course, we'll need a weak-
signal quality pre-amp in front of any of this, preferably mast mounted.
(Or in suitable climates, everything above VHF could be on the mast -- no
feedline loss and a great opportunity to learn how to solve many of the
engineering problems involved in putting something into orbit.)

			    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)
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