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Re: AW: What is TEPR?

I've been wondering about how to convert this for a long while from relative
times into actual times:

    TEPR means: Timed Eclipse Power Regulation; TEPR 1...3 is while eclipse ,
    TEPR 4...6 is in the sun.
    N/A not applicable. The Time is the time for running of the TEPR.

    TEPR 1 starts when AO-27 enters the eclipse
    TEPR 2 starts after TEPR 1 is finished
    TEPR 3 starts after TEPR 2 is finished
    TEPR 4 starts when AO-27 enters the sun
    TEPR 5 starts after TEPR 4 is finished
    TEPR 6 starts after TEPR 5 is finished

    In the example the FM-repeater starts 12 minutes after the end of eclipse
    and runs then 18 minutes.

    There are also ofter the time in 30sec steps and the sum.

			TEPR 4 is 24	off for 24 x 30 sec after entering
    the sun
			TEPR 5 is 60	on after TEPR5 till 60 x 30 sec

    after entering the sun

This is all fine and interesting, but how does one turn this into UTC for
a given pass?  To be more specific, any idea how to find out from UNIX/LINUX
SatTrack when AO-27 leaves eclipes?  If this is not be provided by the user
interface, please be specific about what routines to call to calculate this.
If someone provides this information, i may be able to maintain a WWW page
listing TEPR times for California and some selected 'East Coast' city [as
i do already for AOS/MEL/LOS over the SF Bay Area].  And i'll also consider
requests in Europe or Asia as well.

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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