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Re: UO-22 Status

Chris Jackson wrote:

> In the meantime, please refrain from transmitting to UO-22 until the reload
> is complete since this will delay the reload process.

I'm sorry if I bothered your work this morning. Today I left my system 
unattended and I wasn't aware of this situation.
Please excuse me for any inconvinience.

Best 73 
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. May I kindly ask your opinion, for a small mod on MSPE program.
     It's nothing very important, but I think it could be handy,
     when a friendly/known (BUDCALL) station is on the PB queue list
     his/her colour could change (to blue, for instance), the same 
     way when we are on the queue our call is red.
     The idea was to "keep the eye" on close friends and, eventualy 
     drop them "near-to-real-time" small msg's.
     What do you think???
     Maybe this is a small mod for me but we be a lot of work to 
     you. If not, and if you find it interesting, please include
     it on a future version. Many thanks!

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