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Re: (Fwd) Win Orbit 3.5

Just save them as a .2li file (or .kep) in your /keps sub-directory (you don't
need both, just one of them).  I do a Save-As of the entire AMSAT email into
the directory and just rename it based on date:  e.g., 230399.2li.  (please,
no Y2K flames)  The next time you run WinOrbit it will automatically see the
newer file and load it.  It's practically foolproof.  Since I don't have
automated tracking, I don't update MIR but once a week or so anyway.

Good luck,
Jerry, K5OE

LZ2CAG writes:
>I just downloaded the WinOrbit 3.5 tracking program. I need 
>information as to how to input the current Keplerian elements 
>(assuming that I have them) for a given bird, say Mir, in it. I would 
>appreciate any help from users of the same program. Thanx and have a 
>good time working the birds!
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