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Re: Wisp and Fodtrak.

>satellite modems in it, I tried Wisp but it didn't have an interface with
>FODTRAK [which is the rotator interface] is there any way to connect the

	You can always setup WiSP to let the FODTrack software track by itself
when a sat gets over the horizon. But it is a bit complicated to make
FODTrack know which sat is it supposed to track.
	My advise would be that you setup WiSP for a DDE-type rotor interface and
you run a software called 'WiSP DDE Client'. Then you configure this 'WiSP
DDE Client' for an FODTrack rotor interface and no radio interface (because
it can control both). Under this setup WiSP will send the info to the DDE
client and the DDE Client will convert it for the FODTrack. You won't need
to open any DOS-box.
	WiSP DDE Client can be downloaded from:
	Follow the 'Zona de Archivos' link.

>	Listened on the frequencies of
>LO-19,UO-22,KO-23,KO-25,WO-18,IO-26,AO-16,DO-17, TO-31 and UO-11, the only
>signal I heard was on UO-11 and I couldn't get it into my computer to

	What antenna setup did you use to receive them?, I see the only one you
did receive was on VHF...

>Do the store and forward sats require a signal to start them? are they all
>still in operation??
>could someone give me an indication which ones are still active?

	PacSats always transmit when they are active. I am operating (at least the
PC does) on a daily basis UO-22, KO-25 and TO-31. Also today I received
UO-11's S-band beacon. Others may be active too, most probably AO-16 and
LO-19 are.

>p.s. By the way I was successful on RTTY hf.


	73 de Fernando CX6DD.

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