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QSL Confusion

I am in the process of designing my QSL card.  I noticed that the AMSAT
emblem on the web page is a "registered" trademark.  To whom would I speak
about using that emblem on my QSL card?

Also, on a satellite QSL card, what is included?  When I was working HF I
included all pertinent information about the QSO (i.e., station, date, time
in UTC, freq., report, and mode).  I am confused about frequency and mode.
Since the frequency changes throughout a QSO, would it be appropriate to put
the satellite worked instead of frequency (I would assume that frequency
would be implied after knowing the satellite in conjuction with the "mode"
which is my next question).  As for mode; what is appropriate:  LSB/USB or,
for example, JA.  If one were to put the satellite worked, FO-20, and the
mode, JA, it *should* be assumed that both parties of the QSO would know
that it was 2m up and 70cm down.  Another example would be RS-13 mode KA.
Of course, in this situation would you be talking about a 2m or 15m uplink?
Would it, perhaps, be more appropriate for multi-mode birds, to put the
freq. that doesn't change (uplink or downlink) for the freq. on the QSL

Can someone please help clear my confusion.

BTW, I am having a wonderful time working both FO-20 and AO-27.  My first
QSO on any bird was on FO-20 with W3BW on 990313 at 2020Z.  Thanks, Brian
for that memorable event in my amateur history.  Yesterday 990320 on the
1556Z pass, I worked three stations on AO-27, N1JEZ, WA3SKQ, and WA1U.
Thanks for the QSO folks.  I have also worked W0SAT, Jerry, and AC4VM, Rick
on FO-20.  I had no idea that I could re-kindle amateur radio in myself by
something as "simple" as setting up an operating station that worked
satellites!  Imagine that!  My first QSO with Brian was as if I had never
talked on the radio before - voice and hands shaking, having to tune for
doppler, and re-orient the antenna.  I made it through and it was absolutely
wonderful.  Probably the highlight of my amateur "career."  Thanks.  Amateur
satellite operators definitely appear to be a step above the rest.

OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
Eutaw, AL...............EM62bv     kahblack@mindspring.com
AMSAT member #32589
AO-27, FO-20

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