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wisp set up help

   hi the name here is alan and i am in need of some help setting
up wisp on my system.
  first my system is a pent 230 (usual there) win 98 o/s. and a yaesu
ft-736r with fif-232 rig controller, and a aea pk96 tnc. (no rotor)( qha's)
  my first questions are what are the bbs and broadcast call signs for
ko-23,25 uo-22 and to-31? wisp did not put any of them in and i manually
put the frequencys in.
  also what kind of driver or program is required for the 736? i want it to
switch frequencys back and forth as well.
  any other info that would help would be great as well. thanks in andvance.


Alan Bethel KE6QIS
KE6QIS Satellite Ops. Ctnr.
Grid CN70vs
E-mail ke6qis@northcoast.com
packet ke6qis@k7wwa.#nca.ca.usa.noam

Alan Bethel.vcf