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FT-847 question??

Wonder if anyone on the list can let me know what, if any problems you
had going to the Yaesu FT-847 for satellites using wisp/32.  I know I
need to download the latest wisp/32 which included the new radio but
what other problems am I going to see?  I was using the Yaesu FT-736R
before I upgraded to the FT-847 with the PacComm Spirit-2.

Another question is why would Yaesu run the cooling fan "all" the time?
And then as soon as you key the rig the fan goes into high gear, then
back to low when you un-key?  Seems like it should only run when the rig
gets hot but maybe I am thinking of the old'en days when rigs were
bigger and heat sinks were larger!  The fan is quiet but I can still
hear it most of the time.

Any help would be great!  Thanks,


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