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AMSAT France bulletin #99-03

AMSAT-France Press Release 99-03

AMSAT-Russia, with the help of SCSC (Space Flight Control Centre) in
Moscow has contacted AMSAT-France in December 98 for the design and
manufacture of RF module and electronic PCBs similar to the ones used on
board RS-17 and RS-18 satellites. AMSAT-Russia was in charge of building
the satellite frame, integrating the VHF and electronic modules into the
frame and choosing and implementing the messages to be sent by the
AMSAT-France has delivered the electronic modules on time (February 99)
with a preliminary version of software. All the AMSAT-France work has
been completed in less than 7 weeks.
The final version of the software has been sent via an express delivery
company, but it has been frozen by the russian customs.
Because of the planning, AMSAT-Russia did not use the final version of
software delivered by AMSAT-France.
The character of this project did not allow AMSAT-France to implement
its educational project.
AMSAT-France has been deeply involved in the RS-17 and RS-18 projects,
including technical support and flight model manufacture.
With the help of French schools and universities, AMSAT-France is now
developing the MAELLE amateur satellite project.


73's de Bernard, f6bvp

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