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Voice contact with Jean-Pierre FX0STB aboard MIR

Here are the AMSAT France and REF Space and Satellite Commission advice
about communications with FX0STB on board MIR

The French astronaut Jean-Pierre Haigner=E9 is to spend 6 months on board=

MIR space station. The purpose of amateur radio for him is for
entertainment and keeping contacts with Earth dwellers.
MIR altitude is more than 300 km and therefore Jean-Pierre can see many
ham stations at the same time when he flies over dense population areas
such as Europe. The peculiarity of V/UHF links with satellites is that
most of the time the ground stations don't hear each other, but at the
same time MIR receives all the stations staying within its footprint
(that is several thousands square km). If several stations transmit at
the same time on the same frequency in FM mode, what MIR will receive is
only a huge noise.
To make contacts easier with Jean-Pierre Haigner=E9 FX0STB, the best way
is to accept simple rules, thus giving the best chance to everyone.
The first rule is to listen to the 145.985 MHz frequency. When MIR is
transmitting fixed SSTV pictures or packet radio messages, it means that
the astronaut is not playing with ham radio.
The second rule is NOT to call MIR if FX0STB doesn't call CQ.
The third rule is to NOT intervene during a contact in progress and NOT
to call FX0STB before he asks QRZ. Jean-Pierre will not answer, nor will
he ever call the disturbing  ground station again.
To give a chance to  everybody to contact MIR, the last recommendation
is to NOT call FX0STB systematically during each pass ...
1) QRZ from FX0STB on board MIR ?
2) (each ground station calls using the last characters of their call
sign): for example lets say that F8IU is calling. He will say : India
Uniform, India Uniform.
3) (Jean-Pierre calls) India Uniform from FX0STB
4) (the station which is called answers)  FX0STB from Fox-trot 8 India
Uniform. You are 5 and 9. Many thanks. QSL ?
5) (Jean-Pierre answers) Fox-trot 8 India Uniform. You are 5 and 9.
Thanks for the contact.
QRZ from FX0STB ?
6) Go back to 2)

If Jean-Pierre wishes, a contact with a particular station can last
longer. In that case, the other stations have to remain silent and have
never to call during exchanges. This would irritate the astronaut. It
would be impolite. What would you think about somebody intervening into
a private conversation ?


73's de Bernard, f6bvp

President AMSAT France

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