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Book - filter design UHF-microwave

I have stumbled on what looks like a real gem of a technical filter book. I
was trying to find references and thereby understand helical filters.
There's nothing in this for me other than sharing with others a resource
that has been a help for me!

Don't be deceived by the title...
The book deals with 'HF filters' that seem to extend from UHF (hundreds of
MHz) to around 6 GHz !!

An interesting quote:
"Many engineers now at the peak of their careers began with slide rules.
Less that one flaoting point multiply per second is performed to about
three digits of precision using a slide rule. Within a single gebneration,
desktop computers revolutionised the way we design. Today, economic desktop
computers deliver well over one million floating point operations per
second at significantly improved precision. ..."

I'm not an engineer, but I still carry my circular slide rule! I call it my
"original solar powered calculator". It comes from using a 'slip stick'
during my flying training...


The book...

"HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation"
 by Randall W. Rhea
(Founder and President, Eagleware Corporation)

McGraw-Hill, Inc (1995)
originally published: Noble Pub., Atlanta, GA (1994)

ISBN 0-07-052055-2

1. Electric filters - Design and construction
2. Electric filters - Mathematical models
3. Microwaves - Mathematical models

432 pages in hardback
(most pages have a diagram, drawing, formula or screengrab)
10 chapters and 2 Appendixes
Contents (extensive within each chapter, with page refs!)
- Introduction
- Network Fundamentals
- Reactors and Resonances
- Transformations
- Filter Losses
- Computer-Aided Strategies
- Lowpass Structures
- Bandpass Structures
- Highpass Structures
- Bandstop Structures
A- PWB Manufacturing
A- List of Symbols

It is obviously using his company's software as examples (mostly
screengrabs of results).

But, from my small amout of dabbling on one subject, the book seems to be
both intellectually rigorous and of practical use.


I have done a Net search and found...

"Eagleware offers fast, easy, and affordable software for RF and microwave
design engineers.
Synthesis, design entry, and simulation software is available..."

with more recent contact details than the book, of...

Eagleware Corporation
4772 Stone Drive
Tucker, GA 30084 USA

Phone: (770) 939-0156
Fax: (770) 939-0157

Web: www.eagleware.com
General email: eagleware@eagleware.com


I hope this is of help to someone.

in Canberra (Capital city of Australia)

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