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Re: AO-27 and MIR on an HT?

In a message dated 3/18/99 2:10:12 PM Eastern Standard Time,
kohlwey@xmission.com writes:

> Working AO-27 with a rubber duck is not easy!  If the satellite is overhead
>  (20 degs or more), you tilt you HT just right and change the distance 
> between
>  you HT and a metal reflector you will hear AO-27. 

Yours is the first mention I have heard about the use of a "metal reflector."
I use an Alinco DJ-580 with a whip antenna running about 5 watts.  I have had
some luck with AO-27 but am not able to make contacts reliably.  While I
rarely have trouble receiving the bird, it frequently happens than I cannot be
heard.  Most of my successful efforts have been made standing near a car.  I'm
interested in the idea that I might be a little more scientific with the use
of a reflector in this effort.  Can you say more about this?  For example,
what would be the best distance from the reflector for sending and receiving.
Would there be some kind of ideal reflector to stand near such as an aluminum
building, a lake, or an open trunk of a car.  Any ideas?

Jimmy Walker
Macon, GA
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