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Re: AO-27 and MIR on an HT?

At 12:07 PM 3/18/99 -0500, you wrote:

>Last weekend I installed WinOrbit on my computer to track AO-27 and MIR, and
>I can't seem to be able to hear them.
>What am I doing wrong?  I read multiple articles that a HT will do.  To

Working AO-27 with a rubber duck is not easy!  If the satellite is overhead
(20 degs or more), you tilt you HT just right and change the distance between
you HT and a metal reflector you will hear AO-27.  Make sure you are trying
to listen to AO-27 during daylight hours. It is not on at night.

Also check the following frequencies:

436.785, 436.790, 436.795, 436.800 and 436.805.

If you have a good antenna you will first hear it at 436.805. At the end
of the pass you will be hearing it on 436.785.

Those who do work AO-27 with a HT and a rubber duck only can work a small
part of the pass. Most also use a longer (approx 17") duck.

Be sure you are hearing people talking on the bird before you transmit.  A 
new article about working AO-27 just appeared in a Ham Mag.  A lot of new
people are now trying to work the bird and are just QRM'ing it since they
can not hear it!  People try to call back to them but then give up and
start to ignore anyone calling CQ.

Once you hear the bird call someone on it by their name or partial callsign
so they know you are hearing the satellite.

Now days whenever AO-27 is over the US there is someone on it. Do what you can
to peak the receive signal to pull them out. It will hear you even if you are
not hearing it!

Most of the people who do use HTs are using a 3 element yagi on 2 meters and
a 5 or more element yagi on 70 cm.

>listen to UHF frequencies, I'm using a FT-470 with a 10" dual band rubber
>ducky, the squelch wide open yet.  To listen to MIR, I'm using an IC260A
>multimode in FM mode with a 5/8 telescopic antenna.

Mir is not always on and reports have said it has been off the last few days.
Be sure you are listening 145.985 MHz.

>I hope someone can help me because this is getting very frustrating.  I just
>want to hear something from one of them birds.

Good luck,

Randy N7SFI

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