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PACSATs & Kenwood HT

> Downloaded WISP so I could download messages off of the pacsats with my
> Kenwood THD7A walkie talkie... However on my first attempt to copy
> something from KO23 I bombed.
> . How do I know if the TNC is set to 9600 baud?
> . Which part of WiSP (MSPE perhaps) do I use to download messages?

Some comments:

1) THD7 internal TNC only operates on one band at a time.  It cannot
   oprate crossband.  THus you can only operate in receive-only mode
2) Bring up terminal program and send commands HBAUD 9600 and KISS ON
3) Switch to WISP.  Configure WISP for RECEIVE only

Then you should begin capturing the downlink.  If you turn off the THD7,
then you must go back to step 2.  If WISP is not in RECEIVE-ONLY, then
when it tries to transmit, it will lock-up the THD7.

Hope this helps.  Oh yes, you will need about a 7 dB gain antenna.  a
simple 3 element beam works fine.  As long as you have at least 3 to 5 of
the smeter LCD's lit, it will work fine...  It will approach 7 LCD's
when overhead...  Polarization is almost always vertical.

de WB4APR, Bob

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