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Re: What's up with MIR???

>Good evening,
> Just got through the 0300 MIR packet pass.  Tried unproto,
>and got one contact with N9TWH.  If you are on here, QSL to
> MIR packet was acting very strange.  It would sit dormant
>for approx. 2 min, then dump pages of digi-data all at once, for
>20-30 seconds.  Then it would sit dormant for minutes again.  RS-13
>was not even remotely in range, so interference there wasn't 
>possible.  I just do not know, anybody else see this and/or
>have a good guess???  What's up with MIR???
>Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC.  MARS: AAV6EV

I was able to connect to the PMS on the 0900 pass here, but not
without difficulty.  It was very slow to respond and the connection 
timed out after a few commands.  After that it wouldn't respond
at all.  

It is acting the same way it was when the current TNC was first
installed up there.  One of the TNC settings was wrong and it took 
a few weeks for the MIREX team to get things straightened out.

Mike McCarty, KB8YHV
Yigo, Guam

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