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J Pole design article - Mike VK1KCK

By Peter VK1KEP

Mike Walkington, VK1KCK, mikew@netspeed.com.au has produced an article and
presentation on J Poles for

The Canberra Amateur Packet Radio Group and VK1 WIA

"1998 VK1 Amateur Radio Symposium" held 22 November 1998

[ see http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org/bulletins/SympFly.html ]

or particularly http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org/bulletins/jpole.rtf
which is the article in Rich Text Format (including diagrams.)

Mike is very busy at present but when I caught him on the phone today he
was delighted that others might get info on his J Pole article. I saw his
beautifully produced aluminium pipe pole at the Symposium. (It helps to
know someone who has an alunminium welding kit, doesn't it, Mike!) He said
that he still needs to do some tweeking, but that the basic design he
offers should be reproducable and give good results.

Please visit the Symposium site to review the other articles.

!!!!!Here's the plug for where I live!!!!!

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is the VK version of the ARRL.
(The WIA was the FIRST national Amateur Radio organisation in the world!)
There are state-based organisations called Divisions.

In Australia (VK), the States correspond to call areas, hence:
Call State/Territory
VK1  Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
VK2  New South Wales (NSW)
VK3  Victoria (VIC)
VK4  Queensland (QLD)
VK5  South Australia (SA)
VK6  Western Australia (WA)
VK7  Tasmania (TAS)
VK8  Northern Territory (NT)
VK9  offlying island territories, example Norfolk Island
VK0  Antarctic territories

VK1 - the Australian Capital Territory (with its major city - Canberra)
has around 350 callsigns allocated, with a population of around 309,000, in
an area about 60 miles x 40 miles of which the city takes up about 30-40
percent and a National Park takes up about 35 percent.

The ACT is a self-governing Territory
     that happens to also host
the Federal Parliament http://www.aph.gov.au
and many Government Departments. http://www.fed.gov.au

Best wishes,

     _  .      Peter R. Ellis, Amateur Radio Op. VK1KEP
   _-' |_|\         at Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  /        \        email: peter.ellis@dao.defence.gov.au
  \_.--._ C/        Director, Australian Branch, RNARS
         \/           Royal   Naval   Amateur   Radio   Society   #1528   (
          v         Custodian for club station VK1RAN
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