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Re: rotor control question


>   How hard would it be to build an interface for rotor control 
>using a "basic stamp" approach? 

	This is not exactly the answer to your question but you may find it
	The rotor interface that I have been using for about a year now employs a
single PIC14000. This microcontroller is similar to a mid-range PIC with
added high resolution A/D conversion and some other things. I know there is
no 'Basic Stamp' with this microcontroller, but it is as easy to program as
any other uC of the family. 
	The circuit is real simple, one PIC14000 (0.3"-28pin), a tiny serial
EEPROM (8pin), a voltage regulator, 4 opto-couplers, 4 triacs (one for each
phase of each motor) and some condensers and resistors.
	Communication with the PC is over a serial port at 4800baud using Yaesu's
GS-232 format. Antenna's Azimuth and Elevation coordinates are displayed on
a 16x2 character LCD display. There is a small keyboard to switch the
interface between Automatic and Manual, on manual mode you have control
over each triac to drive any rotor in any direction.

	I can send you the source code or a preprogrammed PIC14000 if you find it
worth it.

	There is more information (including the circuit) on my web page. But as
it is in spanish I will send details to anyone interested.


	73 de Fernando, CX6DD.

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