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Amateur Radio Picosatellite Project

Hello Everyone,

Here is the www page for a (1 pound - 4 inch by 3 inch by 1 inch) Amateur
Radio Picosatellite that a team of us in the Washington DC area is building
for Stanford University's OPAL launch in Sept. 99.  We need to deliver the
flight ready picosat by April 1 so we are under a very tight schedule but
hopefully we will get everything integrated and tested in time,...



PS - Does anyone have any spare space rated black and / or white paint?

-Hank Heidt N4AFL

Stensat is a small (12 cubic inch, 1 pound) satellite which is intended for
use by amateur radio operators world wide and will operate as a single
channel mode "J" FM voice repeater.  The earth-to-space uplink frequency
will be 145.84 MHz and the space-to-earth downlink will be 436.625 MHz.  

Stensat will periodically transmit 1200 baud AX.25 for broadcasting the
following telemetry:  temperature, bus current, bus voltage, receiver RSSI
and 3 digital "0/1" sun sensors.   Additionally, amateur radio operators
will be able to "PING" the satellite causing the satellite to broadcast a
telemetry packet by transmitting a six digit DTMF command to the receiver

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