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rotor control question

Good morning to the BBS.
   I'm afraid I'm not a programer or even a real good technician but 
a question about rotor interfaces keeps popping into my head. 
   How hard would it be to build an interface for rotor control 
using a "basic stamp" approach? 
   From the little I've read they come with A>D, D>A, I/O all on one 
chip basically.   Could one be set up to read just the numerical 
output of some of the current tracking programs?  Then read a A>D
line from the meter of the rotor control  and command the output of 
the appropriate line to enable the up / down, left / right lines for 
relay control of the rotor? 
   I haven't read too much about the various interfaces and don't 
remember if any of them use this type of controller or not. 
One would think it might be the cheapest way to create an easily 
re-producable interface, but with my back ground it's only a guess. 
   I'd be interested in hearing from anyone's who's attempted 
something like this. 
     Thanks, Mike  KA7HBB


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