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Re: SSTV via FO-20

In message <01be6f11$4b5f0c40$LocalHost@laptop>, Tony/AB2CJ
<ab2cj@nais.com> writes
>John, M1BTR was QRV on SSTV via FO-20 yesterday.  
>Unfortunately, his signal was too weak to decode a picture. 
>At a range of 4000km and a shallow elevation of 4 degrees,
>the 00:30 UTC pass was not the best for John. He did say
>that he would try again with a bit more power. A balanced 
>distance between the two stations and the satellite would
>have helped.

Tried again on the 23.00 UTC pass Tony.
Sent the same picture 3 times with a bit more power behind it. Trouble
was I was causing myself some intermod problems so I had to keep
dropping power between pics to adjust for doppler and Azimuth.

Anyway I wonder if anything got through at all tonight?
I guess that would have been my best chance today.

If you feel up to it I'll listen on 435.880MHz +/- QRM tomorrow (Tues)
night at about 23.20 UTC and see if I can capture anything from you.

73  John  M1BTR
  m1btr@midmarsh.demon.co.uk     M1BTR@GB7SKG
  QRV 6m 4m 2m 70cm   Member: RIG  RSGB  UKRS
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