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SSTV via FO-20

John, M1BTR was QRV on SSTV via FO-20 yesterday. 
Unfortunately, his signal was too weak to decode a picture. 
At a range of 4000km and a shallow elevation of 4 degrees,
the 00:30 UTC pass was not the best for John. He did say 
that he would try again with a bit more power. A balanced
distance between the two stations and the satellite would
have helped.
The east coast US, and west coast Europe window that
FO-20/29 provide can be short lived, and somtimes marginal 
for a mode that requiers a greater S/N ratio such as SSTV.. 
not to mention the QSB of a moving satellite, but I think an
SSTV exchange accross the Atlantic can be accomplished
through a low flying satellite with a little patience.
73, Tony